What To Do If Your Expunged Record Still Shows Up

Posted on: 23 November 2020
Record expungement should make your record inaccessible to those searching your criminal history. However, expungement doesn't always get rid of every trace, and it's possible that your record could show up in some sort of search. Sometimes you can't do much about it, but other times you can. If you're about to apply for something, such as a job or an apartment, you need to know what to do to ensure your background searches come up as clean as possible.
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The Factors That Go Into The Cost Of Getting A Divorce

Posted on: 22 July 2020
Do you need to get a divorce, but worried about how much it is going to cost you? You likely want to know the factors that will determine the final cost of your divorce so that you know what to expect.  The Willingness To Work Together There are many factors that go into what a divorce will cost, but the main thing to think about is how willing you are to work with your spouse.
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How Much Should You Argue Your Side In A Criminal Case?

Posted on: 5 March 2020
One of the more intriguing problems that has to be addressed in many criminal cases is the question of whether a defendant should try to argue their side of the matter. It's natural for folks to want to loudly proclaim and prove their innocence, but a criminal law attorney doesn't always see it that way. You may want to learn a bit about why that's the case before you retain the services of a lawyer.
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What Should You Do If Someone Stole From Your Loved One's Estate?

Posted on: 18 November 2019
When someone dies, you often must wait for the lawyer to read the will and name the executor. Then, the executor will tell the beneficiaries what each one gets, and they will divide the assets between them. When everyone involved is honest and the deceased has made proper plans for their estate, this goes smoothly. But sometimes, a beneficiary decides to buck the system and steal from the estate before the will is properly read.
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